Hi everyone! Ryan here. I'm sitting in my AP World class today and we finished early on our assignemt so I felt the need to let everyone know what was up with the show. And by everyone, I mean the one or two page views we get during the days were no videos are up. I am proud to say that our last episode ranked about 500 page views in one night, along with about 100 a day for the next week. That was cool. But enough about the past, here's what's new:


We've been working hard writing new skits for ya'll and school has kept us pretty busy lately. But this coming month we WILL be filming another episode to air in early March. We've choosen to go quality over quantity, so the episode will be shorter, and hopefully even better than the previous. If your intrested in acting, a casting call will go out in the next few weeks or so. We've already filmed a music video for Hey There Delilah, which I will be editing as soon as I get my computer issues sorted out. New pictures from that will be up soon. And last but not least, all of the SNPR skits from last time will be uploaded to youtube in the next few weeks.So yeah! I'm excited. Talk to everyone soon.



Hey everyone, I'm glad to say SNPR aired on Thursday, Dec 24th, at about 9:30 for everyone to see. I've gotten alot of positive reviews, and I want to thank and congratulate anyone involved. I will try to get the outtake reel up in the next week, and also to seperate and put each individual skit on youtube. (and Indy on google.) Thanks again for your cooperation. As for future plans, I see another episode being done, late March/early Aprilish. I really feel like doing a few music videos, for real, not like U Can't Finish. But as far as next time you can all help by voting in the polls below for what you would like to see more of. Thanks, and have a happy new year..



What Was Your Favorite?
What Was Your Favorite?
The Nicky Creature
Rap Music Video
The Killer
Indiana Jones and the Book of Tardies
Bread Commercial
M. Night Trailer
I couldnt pick just one.
They all sucked, sorry.
Who Do You Want To See More Of?
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They all sucked, get some new better kids.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the now official SNPR website. All episodes will be posted here, and the first should be posted on the night of October 25th. I know the site is pretty basic right now, and hopefully we'll be getting it updated more soon as production begins to start, so I hope your looking forward to that as much as I am. If your intrested in any other videos we've done they'll be a page soon where you can watch those. If you want to get involved, by all means just ask! My email is b_e-mail@comcast.net

Thanks, I'll be updating soon



Hey everyone! Long time, no see. sorry about lack of any kind of update whatsoever. :/ I've been busy with life and school. Anyway, if you hadn't heard my DV input on the computer was broken up until about 2 weeks ago, but it's fixed now, and I've been editing as steadily as I can. The episode should be up on the Saturday before Christmas if I can work that fast. I'll try! :] To hold you off, there's a new page with pictures from the shoot that I'll be updating every couple of days so you can feast your eyes on those and be amazed. :P Thanks again to everyone who managed to show on the two filming dates, and I'm trying to get one more in next weekend to film our special holiday music video. :]  More info on that very very soon!


Thank you everyone for your time,



SNPR will be filming on October 4th and 11th, at my house and at Brielle's who so graciously offered her house to use, because she is amazing.

Also, My DV input isnt working too well, so if anyone else has video-uploading capabilities, thatd be very nice to tell me about.


Hey everyone. So it's been awhile since the last movie (May, anyone?) and that btw, if you didnt know was Indiana Jones and the Book of Tardies.
Dont know what that is or havent seen the trailer? Its on youtube folks check it out:

www. youtube.com/ryanwuzhere23

So, I bet your thinking, Ryan, where is this grand adventure of epicly-tardy porportions? Well. It'll be a part of a much bigger project that I shall reveal...now.
Starting October 27th... and from then on the last saturday of every month... a bi-monthly show called SNPR, or Saturday Night Pre-Recorded will be posted on it's hopefully soon to be website. lol. SNPR is pretty much like saturday night live or madtv. It will be a collection of skits and short videos, with a music video every episode too. So. Thats it, basically. NO specific roles for you to fight over.
So October's episode has been fully written by me and Brian (and with some great ideas by Mike) and production is now starting. It'll be filmed over 2 days over the course of the next month and a half. And for both times were gonna need ABOUT 10 or 20 talented and hilarious actors and actresses...a.k.a... you.
As soon as I get filming dates and locations sorted out, I will let everyone know (the first weekend of October is looking real nice). IN fact, the first weekend of October IS an official film date, BUT I need ANOTHER LOCATION for the second date. If anyone is willing to help on that, itd be ten kids on a weekend between lunch and dinner. Itd be fantabulous, please and thank you.

So... who wants to be in a movie?

Book of Tardies Trailer:

Here is the trailer for a segment of the first SNPR show...Indiana Jones and The Book of Tardies.