Ryan Brown

Born in St.Paul, Minnesota, but moved to Jacksonville as a baby. That's a big climate change if you didn't know. Got intrested in making films at an early age, and is the creator of Sweeney Todd: The Barbaric Barber of Butler Blvd., Letter To My Sister, Maus, Doppleganger, and various other odd unknown productions.

Brian Kitchen

Ryan: Hey Kitchen.

Brian: Hi.

Ryan: How's life?

Brian: Rough.

Ryan: That's coming from the mouth of the freshman class president everyone. Where did this rough life begin?

Brian: A rough neighborhood, you know, the southside streets, the ghetto.

Ryan: ...Sure. What are some fun facts (or FFs) about you?

Brian: I was born in a Burger King, and was adopted by the manager. He gave me the initials BK. He and the grill raised me since I was a little boy, I learned english from taking orders. I ran away from home at age 4 seeking a career as a professional rapper. I entered into some rap battles won a few before I got a contract. My first contract was in the atl but after some haters started to see the way I kicked it freestyle these boys started threating me. But I couldn't hide who i was so i told those haters to get lost. i was shot 4 times... i woke up in the hospital, i didnt have no insurance but the nurse there made up a name and filled out a fake chart. i fully recovered and started a new life as a student.i adopted the name the nurse gave to me but i thats not to say i forgot abt my homies at the bk, i visit there once in a while u know keepin it real. i still rap on the weekends and i also acted in several famous movies.  was in the grudge and the grudge 2 u might of seen me.. i was that freaky blue asian boy, and yes tht is the natural color of my skin. after that i decided to take a break from the spotlight and try to find inner balance. I flew to Tibet to see the dali llama. he told me tht the only way to achieve spiritual purity was to live on amountain for 5 years. so 5 years later i left the himalayas with a new outlook on life. at the age of 12 i joined the peace core where i captured sudam hussein ( i joined the militant wing of the peace core). after that i was stationed in post soviet ukraine. my mission was to prevent the assassination of john connor. but soon after falling off aboat i got amnesia. had to rediscover my identity and combat evil all the way to a mountain to destrot a gold ring. died but then my ghost found demi moore, stopped her from being murdered spoke to whoopi goldberg and went to heaven. was then reincarnated as a dancing penguin who was shunned from his colony because i couldnt sing.  bought a home in phienox arizona settled down had 2.3 kids, one imaginary baby with brown hair and wrote a piece on america. my editorial won me the pulitzer prize and i retired at age 16 and died quietly in my sleep on nov 3 2007. Did that cover it?


Ryan: End interview.


Aj DeMeza

Ryan: Where were you born?

AJ: Jacksonville FL

Ryan: What are your intrests?

AJ: Um. Guitar. Friends. And uh swimming. And girls. Thats my life.

Ryan: Nice. Uh ok. Did you have any previous acting roles?

AJ: Um. I was in one or two of your movies. I was Pirelli in Sweeney Todd.

Ryan: Righto.

AJ: Heh. Righto.

Ryan: Why are you doing SNPR?

AJ: Cuz being in your wild movie/films is fun.

Ryan: How many fingers am I holding up?

AJ: 0-10

Ryan: Anything you want to share with the nice people reading this?



Brielle Sebold

Ryan: Hey Bell.

Brielle: Hey Ryan.

Ryan: Where were you born?

Brielle: Florida.

Ryan: What are some of your hobbies, intrests, whatever?

Brielle: Uhmmmmmmm. Swimming? I guess lacrosse. Is going to the beach a hobby? Oh! I know! Yoga!

Ryan: All of those work.  What am I thinking right now?

Brielle: What my answer is going to be. Or something else I cant say cuz youll get mad.

Ryan: No, come on what.

Brielle: "I have no friends" Jkjkjkjkjkjk.


Brielle: Seeeee!

Ryan: In any previous roles?

Brielle: Ryan you know I love you, its just so easy to make fun of you. And yes! I was in Sweeney Todd.

Ryan: Right. Any other things you want the people reading this to know?

Brielle: Uh wait who is gonna be reading this? There's some people I dont like so I dont consider them nice. Bit I guess uhhh theres a rapist in my closet!


Hanna Gamsky

Ryan: Hey bud.

Hanna: Hi. Haha.

Ryan: Ok so, where were you born?

Hanna: J-ville. Duh.

Ryan: Have any intrests, hobbies, etc?

Hanna: Uh. Yeah. I really like sports. And doing anything weird. I really wanna make a melon bomb. And go bungee jumping.

Ryan: Awsome. Been in any previous acting roles?

Hanna: Actaully yes. I've played Ryan Brown. And random people in maus. And i've been a devil before.

Ryan: And we all know the last one suits you.

Hanna: Yea thanks.

Ryan: What is the meaning of life?

Hanna: Uh you basically have no clue whats going on so deal with it and have as much fun as you can. You know. Act like yourself. Go crazy.

Ryan: Legally.

Hanna: Haha. Sometimes.

Ryan: Any last thoughts?

Hanna: Uh. Uhm. Lemme think.

Ryan: take your time.

Hanna: Im thinking about starting a super secret ninja laughing society so if your intrested..yeah. 


Mason McLaren

Ryan: Hey Mason.

Mason: Hi.

Ryan: Where were you born?

Mason: Hershey.

Ryan: What are you intrested in?

Mason: Baseball.

Ryan: Anything else?

Mason: Video games.  

Ryan: Got a favorite saying?

Mason: Vidi Vini Vinci!

Ryan: I have no clue what that means.

Mason: We came we saw we conquered.

Ryan: Nice. If you could go to the moon with one celebrity who would it be?

Mason: Dustin Pedroia.

Ryan: Anything else you want to tell people?


Lauren Harris

Ryan: Ok. Hi there.

Lauren: Hi...

Ryan: Where were you born?

Lauren: A hospital..

Ryan: Intrests?

Lauren: Soccer, football, beach, and emo guys.

Ryan: Any previous acting experience?

Lauren: DopplergangerLetter To My Sister, and I was in drama. 

Ryan: If you could be stuck on an island with one person who would it be?

Lauren: Someone good at building boats.

Ryan: Hahaha. Good idea. Favorite song?

Lauren: Today, tomorrow, or yesterday?

Ryan: Fine. Favorite artist.

Lauren: Blue October, Seether, Three Days Grace. And Bright Eyes.

Ryan: OK, anything to say to the people reading this?

Lauren: There's gonna be people reading this?

Ryan: Yes...

Lauren: Erm. No.

Aaron Fleischman

Ryan: Where were you born?

Aaron: Mexico, I hopped the border.

Ryan: Intrests?

Aaron: Girls, Friends, Lacrosse, The Gators, and Jew stuff...in that order bub. 

Ryan: If your traped in a room with one person who would it be?

Aaron: Colby becasue we would make some kind of bomb or something...No, I'm not gay.

Ryan: Favorite song or band or whatever?

Aaron: Full Speed by 5 Days Dirty.

Ryan: Got a favorite saying?

Aaron: "For Narnia!!!!"- Stanton Blue Devils Lacrosse

Ryan:Last words for the people reading this?

Aaron: Last words!? Are you gonna kill me or something? 

Jordan Herriff


Jordan: HEY RYAN.

Ryan: Ehats up?

Jordan: Well Gail is making me listen to stupid music, and I hurt from lacrosse. But I'm pretty good. What up with you?

Ryan: Pushing over senior citizens later. Anyway, where were you born?

Jordan: Lucky. North Carolina.

Ryan: Awsome, awsome. Is that near north virginia?

Jordan: Haha, yeah.

Ryan: Intresting stuff about you?

Jordan: Doing lacrosse for those who care. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not really an overly intresting person at the moment. So thats mostly it.

Ryan: And your a jew. Cant forget that.

Jordan: YES I AM.

Ryan: Favorite songs bands whatever?

Jordan: Well Say Anything is my favorite band. Thanks to you. Song, I really dont know. Probably a Blink or Say Anything song.

Ryan: What about movie?

Jordan: I'm not a movie freak like you, or Molly for that matter, so I dont really know.

Ryan: If you could paint the moon, what color would you make it?

Jordan: Ok. this might be a little weird. But I would paint it piss colored, so I could legally call myself a piss painter. And i mean who cares, its bright and at night anyway.



Ryan: I'll kill you, I'm seri-




Kaitlyn Bliss

Ryan: Hey kid.

Kaitlyn: HELLO (Waves)

Ryan: Hi. How's life?

Kaitlyn: Was the second greeting really nessacary?

Ryan: I think it was. You obviously dont have a good answer.

Kaitlyn: My life is perfectly fine, thank you. Except I'm slowly turning into a popsicle.

Ryan: I bet. Speaking of this "perfectly fine" life of yours. Where did it begin?

Kaitlyn:I'm sorry, my parents haven't told me where they conceived me yet. And quite frankly, I dont want to know.

Ryan: Er. Where were you born. Was the question.

Kaitlyn: ..My hair tie smells like my perfume. oh. Jacksonivlle.

Ryan: So anything even remotely intresting about you?

Kaitlyn: Depends what you would call intresting. I hate it when people touch my feet.

Ryan: Haha. I know. Favorite music?

Kaitlyn: MAYDAY PARADE. and rap. Not soul music. Haha. Rap. I hate girly rap. Uh. Stuff along the lines of Mayday Parade.

Ryan:And as far as movies go?

Kaitlyn: Well I'm not a movie nerd like you, becasue I have friends. But I love The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ryan: You so mean to me.

Kaitlyn: AND I LOVE YOU.....Aaron hopped the border?

Ryan: Er. Anyway. Plans for the future?

Kaitlyn: Thats a dangerous question to ask someone like me. Plans for what?

Ryan: You tell me.

Kaitlyn: Well. I'm going to college in Gainsville. Kelsey will be my roomate. And you and Jeff will go there. And then I'm marrying you, and Kelsey is marrying Jeff. And we're going to move into two mansions right next to each other, that both have their own theme parks and such. And at some point im taking over the world. But you didnt need to know that.

Ryan: Wow. Uh.

Kaitlyn: Uh what.

Ryan: How long would you survive chained to a bunk bed with a lion?

Kaitlyn: Do I have a gun?

Ryan: No.


Justin Balke

Ryan: Hey Justin!

Justin: Hey Ryan!!!

Ryan: How are you at this specific point in time?

Justin: Homework. Haha, I know. I have no life.

Ryan: So when you get time away from all that homework, what are you intrested in?

Justin: Baseball and girls.

Ryan: I see. A man of few tastes.

Justin: Yeah.

Ryan: Speaking of tastes, what about music?

Justin: Anything but rap and country. I dont care.

Ryan: Uh huh. What about movie-films?

Justin: Anything stupid and easy to understand.

Ryan: What do you plan to be doing at this exact moment in 50 years?

Justin: Hopefully not homework.

Ryan: Hahaha. If you could meet one celeberty it would be...?

Justin: Ryan Brown. No wait I heard he's lame. So...Adam Sandler.

Ryan: ...so uh. yeah. Any last word for the readers?

Justin: Do you think anyone will read this? Uh. I hope I dont suck ass.

Ryan: At what.

Justin: Acting.

Ryan: Right...right..


Nick Truitt

Ryan: Hey

Nick: Hey

Ryan: What up?

Nick: Well um, having a pretty tough week.

Ryan: Anything else?

Nick: Yeah well you see, Monday. Its one of the first days of the week, not many people like that day. Anyway on Monday I was, uh, I woke up and well I was getting ready for my shower and low and behold when I pulled back my shower curtain guess what was n there?

Ryan: Aaron?

Nick: No. Wanna know what was in there? Im gonna tell you dont even answer. I puleed back my shelter curtain and ther wa a ten maybe 15 pound armidillo, true story by the way, and what happened was I scared it when I pulled back the curtain, you know, my shower curtain, and poor thing laid an egg right in front of me. So im starting tog et a lit tle scared seeing this ten, fifteen pound comin out of nowhere laying some odd 5 pound egg in my shower. So anyway we got the amridillo out and we didnt know what to do with the egg, it was pretty heavey for the size dont forget that its important. So i got my mom, first I put back on my clothes actually. She helped me relocate the egg to a safer facillity, then it started to hatch. That was not a good thing. Guess what came out the egg?



Nick: No. It was, itsa  very common mammal, no I mean reptile sorry, uh, its kinda like a a dragon no wait, yeah its like a dragon, a lot of southerns tend to call it an igunana. Lemme tell you this aint no ordinary green igunana, no this thing it was big. Granted, it was green, lemme tell you that, but it had a smell. Do you  know what it smelled like?

Ryan: Aaron?

Nick: yeah. Yessir.

Ryan: That it?

Nick: ...

Ryan: So..tough week. Uh. You like any kind of music?

Nick: I like loud music.

Ryan: Any specific type?

Nick: Let me clarify. Loud, free, and good to listen to with friends.

Ryan: Er..ok. Do you have a favorite movie?

Nick: Uhm, Ryan. May I call you Ryan?

Ryan: sure...

Nick: Alright Ryan. Good name by the way. Movies? About movies? I ahve a story I can relate to that but Im not gonna go into that. I like one that was made in Honduras in 1983, it was called Sendia Magica and do you know what that translates to?

Ryan: Certainly not aaron?

Nick: Close. In english it means magical watermelon.

Ryan: In short, what are your intrests?

Nick: Well I like. I like entertainment. Sleeping is always good. Cleanliness. Loud free music. And coming to school...dressed.

Ryan: Thats always nice. Uh. Closing thoughts to the readers?

Nick: My number is 904...oh no no no. Nevermind. Uh. I like to play guitar, Im on the paxon golf team, and yes ladies, I'm single. I've always been single. Never found a wife.


Luke Gayle

Ryan: Hey Luke!

Luke: Hey Ryan!

Ryan: So uh. How's life?

Luke: I'm thinking hold on. Uh. Dont write this all down. Pass next question. Wait no, boring.

Ryan: Uh. ok. So. What are you intrested in?

Luke: Friends, biking, and outside.

Ryan: What do you like in music type things?

Luke: Rap/Hip hop/R&B.

Ryan: Any artist specifcally?

Luke: Not really.

Ryan: OK then. Do you have a favorite movie?

Luke: The Lion King.

Ryan: Awsome. So lets see. What are your plans for the future?

Luke: Go to college, major in something I havent contemplated yet, then get married and have a family after I'm all set and stuff.

Ryan: Good plan. If you could go back in time where would you go or what would you do?

Luke: I'd go back to right in the middle of 7th grade.

Ryan: Why?

Luke: It's kinda like. When I met everyone.

Ryan: Yeah. I miss it. Ok uh. Anything else?

Luke: I miss it too. And I wish I was at Stanton. And you have a guitar pick stuck to your arm.

Ryan: Whoops.



Ryan: Hey Kevin.

Kevin: Your gay. This is really awkward. No don't write that you dumbass.

Ryan: So where are we right now Kevin?

Kevin: On a toilet seat.

Ryan: No actually, were at school in our 4th period. So yeah. Kevin, have anything to say?

Kevin: Yes. Ryan just itched his armpit.

Ryan: Uh, ok. So where were you born?

Kevin: Jacksonville (aka China)

Ryan: Ok...